Eurodance 2001
The Eurodance festival was born in the summer of 2001 in Malta. It was an idea brought up by a group of radio speakers and DJs who envisioned creating a song contest that would be dedicated to the dance music while selecting songs from the whole of Europe continent. The Colonia emerged the first time winners of the competition. They are a popular dance group from Croatia.

Eurodance 2002
The Balkans proved they are good manufacturers of dance artists by winning the title for a second successive year. The 2002 episode of the famous Eurodance edition was won by yet another artist who hailed from the former Yugoslavian country. She was going by the name Karmen Stavec and she performed her disco-tune which won the award in that particular year.

The winner of the next edition was Natalya Podolskaya who was representing Belarus. She performed the remix of her banger hit “Pozdno”. Italy came second having “L’Impazienza” performed in Eurodance by Danijay. This is one of the rising artist or star on the Italian platform of dance music. Also in participation, that year was the songs“Un Monde Parfait” and “Love Me Love Me”. They were performed by an energetic and enthusiastic singer known as Arsenium. He was also a former member of the famous Moldovan band that was known as Boy-band

There were over 40 countries that took participation in the 2007 edition of the Eurodance scene. There was also the emergence of new entries in the competition. The two entries were Lebanon and Montenegro. Montenegro is also the youngest nation in Europe. It achieved independence on 21st May the year 2006. But it was officially announced on 3 June the same year that it was now independent. The winner of the Eurodance was a Swedish Dj Basshunter who had the hit “Boten Anna” which had topped in several countries in Europe.