Eurodanceweb.net is the official website for the dance music competitions in Europe and the entire Mediterranean area. Go through our page to have knowledge on how this project started, who on the past episodes and so much more of its history.

The winner of the 2007 edition of Eurodanceweb award was Ultrabeat Darren Styles representing the United Kingdom with “Sure Feels Good.” There are three producers in Ultrabeat namely Chris Henry, Mike DiScala and Ian Redman who is from Liverpool. For over 13 years now, Darren Styles has appeared on the dance scene. He has grown to be the most famous hardcore disc jockeys in Britain.

In 1999, Darren decided to join hands with another DJ, Mark Breeze, and they now formed what is called Styles and Breeze. It was selected for the 2005 ingress for Eurodanceweb award. The track was “Heartbeatz.” Darren and Breeze are also responsible for one of the biggest and renowned compilation series in the UK. It is known as Clubland X-Treme hardcore. The vocalist for his song “Sure Feels Good” was Rebecca Rudd.

Norway became second with the remix from Malin Schavenius “Under Stjernerne”. It was performed by Vasco and Millboy. Two widely known disc jockeys and also producers from Sweden remixed a number of songs from the Swedish artists such as Tess and Caramell. The two were Juha Myllyla and Jorge Vasconcelo.

Therese’s “Feeling Me” achieved third place. This is after the Swedish won the Eurodanceweb award the previous year. The track was published in the spring in 2007. The fans of Eurodanceweb know her as the vocalist of Dromhus. He released many hits in the late nineties that were successful, the likes of “Vill Ha Dig”. Therese also worked with a Swedish producer and DJ, Stonebridge. The DJ remixed her first single “Monkey” and then invited her later on to sing some songs which were international hit songs. They include “Take Me Away” and “Put Em High”.

Among the big names in the picture, we must not forget the recognizable Danish group Infernal. They topped the Eurodanceweb charts with their hits “From A to the B” and “From Paris to Berlin”. They performed “I Won’t Be Crying” at the Eurodance to represent their country. There are also other artists that were performing that year, the likes of Liz Kay who was a Dutch singer. She topped in several European countries charts with her single namely “When Love Becomes A Lie”. The song was produced by the Zooland records. Another name that made headlines, of course, was Double You. He performed the cover of “Please Don’t Go” in 1992 that came to be an evergreen at the international dance scene. In this particular year, he is representing Italy with Dj Ross with his new single called “The Beat”.

The line-up for the Eurodance 2007 had some come-backs. The guys who won the first season of the contest, a Croatian dance band, have been selected in their country to represent Croatia for a second time with a song called “Do Kraja”. Iceland is also back after disappearing for about 4 years from the Eurodance chart. Bjarthar Thordarson will perform “Vil Annan Dag I Paradis” to represent Iceland. Cyprus also comes back for the second time after its debut in 2005. Despoina Olympious will be performing the remix to her latest hit “Pes to Dunata”.

Eurodanceweb is a site that was curated with the mission being to enhance dance productions in various local languages or with strong connections to their nation-wide culture. Every consecutive year, a panel of journalists and disc jockeys monitor the Mediterranean and European dance scene and then pick the best-performed track from each country. The result is a final chart of the points that are given by a jury that is made up of experts in that field. Since 2006, the users have now been given the liberty to pick their own winner via an online poll.

We have big notable names that have participated in the past episodes of Eurodanceweb dance scene. They include Colonia, Gabry Ponte, Da Buzz, Groove Coverage, ATB, Milk Inc, and E-type just but to mention.
In the official and final show of Eurodanceweb chart 2007, there were not less than 150 disc jockeys, music producers and journalists who voted from all over the whole world. This edition featured 41 nations where distinct genres and styles of music were well represented. Genres included turbo-folk rhythms and ethnic songs, electro-dance sounds and also dance-pop music was showcased.